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about ME

My name is Sydney Perozak and I am a makeup, hair, and special effects artist for film and television.

I have also practice in beauty for Bridal, Prom, Headshot and Creative work. 

makeup especially sfx allows you to express yourself in any way you could imagine. maybe one day thats hair up, a layer of mascara and a touch of concealer; and the next its a full smokey eye, bright blue lip and a pink wig or my personal FAVOURITE a zombie on the loose.

You have the power and right to be WHOEVER you want, and i am here to guide you or your project along the way to your glamorous or gorey goals.



I am here for any of your makeup needs, scary, pretty, glam, greek goddess, or zombie EXTRAORDINAIRE.



  • Head HMUA and SFX Artist - Cor Values  (Feature Film)  

  • HEAD HMUA AND SFX ARTIST - Give and take (feature Film)

  • HEad HMUA - Unidentified Flying Object (Short Film)


  • Head HMUA and sfx artist - Tales from the rez (short film)

  • Head HMUA - Planet organic (commercial)

  • Head hmua brenda dirk (shades on) - Music video



BEAuty Services & Rates


FUll Bride $250.00 + Hair $300.00


  • Pre Wedding Consultation
  • Day of Makeup
  • Lashes
  • * Hair in full bridal style

* Touchups and change of look for reception available for an additional fee of $75.00/hour.

Bride $150.00 + Hair $200.00


  • Day of Makeup
  • Lashes
  • *Hair in full bridal style

* Touchups and change of look for reception available for an additional fee of $75.00/hour.

Bridal party makeup & Hair


  • Full Face Makeup - $125.00 / Person
  • Hair Styling - $50.00 / Person

* Packages and Day Rates available upon request for larger parties or all inclusive. 


HEADSHOT $100.00 + Hair $125.00


  • Simple, Face Complimenting Makeup
  • Photo Friendly.
  • Simple Hairstyle.

*Available for touchups at shoot for $50.00 / hour

GRAd & Prom $150.00 + hair $200.00


  • Day of Makeup
  • Lashes
  • *Hair in full prom curls or up-do

*Extra glitter and sequins available on request.



Basic Male makeup & hair $50.00


  • Simple Makeup Application
  • Photo Friendly
  • Basic Hairstyle

*Suitable for weddings, engagement photos, prom etc...


Creative Shoots $100.00 - $300.00


  • Beauty 
  • Avant Garde 
  • Glam 
  • SFX

* Pricing depends on time, products, and type of application needed for shoot.



 SFX & Film/tv Rates


Sfx / gore / Cosplay $250.00 - $350.00

  • Character realism

  • Prosthetic Application

  • Paint & Makeup

  • Hair Styling

*Price depends on level of skill and makeup needed. 

NON SFX / cosplay makeup $100.00

  • Character realism

  • Paint & Makeup

  • Hair Styling

*Simple additions such as lashes or sequins may be added for an additional cost.



Film/TV Half Day (2-4 hours)        $250.00 - $400.00

  • Beauty Makeup

  • Gore Makeup

  • SFX

  • Hair Styling

*Prices depend on hours, level of work, products, and skill required. 

Film/tv Full day (5-10 hours) $500.00 - $1000.00

  • Beauty Makeup

  • Gore Makeuop

  • SFX

  • Hair Styling

*Prices depend on hours, level or work, products, and skill required. 

*For longer projects such as short films or feature films please contact for details and different pricing. 









Sydney Perozak

Phone Number: 403-863-5022


Instagram: Chevellemuasfx

Facebook: Sydney Perozak

OR FEEL FREE TO FILL IN THE FORM BELOW to request a service or additional information.